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Happy Doomsday is a Tower Defense/Real-Time Strategy game developed for iOS where the player has to help a family survive the imminent apocalypse of nano-robots. 
The game is built upon the Free-to-Play business model and targets the casual audience of gamers. 


A coorporation called Nano Corp. has been leading the research in Artificial Intelligence combined with Nano-technology to be able to develop intelligence at the same level as the human mind. Somewhere along the way something went really haywire and the Nano-bots started to infest computers, humans and animal minds, seeking the dominance over the earth. 
As a family you then have to prepare yourself for the threat and build your defenses to withstand the growing number of dangerous Nano-bots. 


  • Build and upgrade defensive- and resource gathering structures to strengthen your compound
  • Manage your resources to build and upgrade
  • Experience loads of hilarious, intriguing and action-filled Nano-robot invasions
  • Use and explore your own strategies to make the best defenses
  • Sandbox playfield
  • Fun, wacky art and setting
  • Real-Time Defense with interactive gameplay

  • Goals/Objectives

    Build, upgrade and expand your compound to best defend against the incoming invasion of Nano-robots. 
    Gain resources, experience and an overall score to beat your friends' scores and be at the top of the leaderboards. 

    The Team

    Happy Doomsday is developed by a team of eight people, all graduate students from the Norwegian School of Information Technology (NITH)
    The team consists of one Game-Designerthree 3D/Graphical Artists and four Game Programmers
    We've also had help from Kai-Anders Ryan, a Film-Music Composer from the Lillehammer University College

    The game is developed as our final Bachelor-project at NITH, Oslo.

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    Test the Web-build here


    E-mail: developers@doomsdaydevelopment.com

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